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Every session and person is different. We experience 'symptoms' from a combination of many different factors that build up over a life time. Your body is calling the shots and says which things are ready to be addressed and how.

Everyone feels more relaxed and centered after a BodyTalk session. Many people experience significant health improvements in just one or two sessions.

Sarah-Jane, is committed to providing personal service and assisting you in achieving your goals to live your best life in your True Nature.
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You can receive a Bodytalk session in person or over the telephone: it is a fast, safe, effective way to address many health issues and optimize well being.
If you are interested in booking a BodyTalk session, please contact the clinic and book an appointment per telephone or e-mail. Consultations start off with a thorough intake so that all aspects of the person and their health are understood. Initial sessions are approximately an hour long and follow up sessions vary from 15-45 minutes depending on your bodys innate wisdom.

Clinic: +27 11 7061533


If this is your first visit, please print and fill out the following forms, and bring them with you to your session.

Click here to access the intake form.
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Long Distance consultations

Sarah-Jane has an increasing numbers of clients who are referred by other practitioners, and many of these clients have "Distance sessions" when they are not in her home town or are unable to travel to the clinic.

Discounts available for children and multiple family members. Payments are currently accepted in cash or eft prior to sessions.

Note: A 10% discount is offered for every booked client referral

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